Residents of Camden and Rockport have every reason to be very proud of the Camden Rockport Elementary School (CRES) and Camden Rockport Middle School (CRMS). Both schools greatly benefit from the tremendous support of parents and the local communities, the dedicated work of school administrators, teachers and staff, and the full engagement of students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Students achieve a high level of academic success across a full range of content areas, and have the opportunity to participate in many activities during and beyond the school day.

During their progression through the MSAD 28 schools, students have an increasing array of choices to augment their educational experience. In addition to strong academics, we offer exceptional music and arts programs, healthy food choices in our lunch programs, supportive guidance classes, and a wide array of after school activities, from a jump rope team to a robotics team to four middle school soccer teams. Our middle school also offers two international cultural experiences. This wide array of strengths results in students who are engaged, enjoy school, and feel a strong sense of belonging.

This is a place where learning happens. This video captures the essence of our beliefs about learning.

We welcome you to dig into our website to learn more about our district and schools.

Maria Libby