Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planning Committee is currently developing a 4-year Strategic Plan for the district. The plan will be presented to the School Board in June, 2023.

2022-23 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2022-23 Strategic Planning Committee Charter

Committee Members:
Superintendent: Shawn Carlson, Chair
School Board: Marcia Dietrich, Rick Thackeray
School Administrator: Chris Walker-Spencer, Jaime Stone
Counseling Department: Tanya Young
Teachers: Allysa Anderson, Heather Bowen, Heather Butler, John Dietter
Students: Lila Dailey, Graham Stoughton
Parents: Kathleen Capetta, Jennifer Mytar, Ryan Thornell, Matt Tepelmann
Community Member: Eric Denny

2018-2022 Strategic Plan 
The Strategic Planning Committee, with input from all stakeholders, developed a four-year Strategic Plan over the course of the 2017-18 school year. The completed document is available here:

Strategic plan thumbnail image

Implementation Plan for the 2018-22 Strategic Plan